Harriet the Brave

I’m at the DSRA Blog today talking about small acts of bravery.

Diamond State Romance Authors

birdFor years, my day job has been working within and around the legal field. I’ve seen professionals at all stages of their careers, from exhausted senior partners to eager associates, to overwhelmed law clerks and students.

It interests me why people choose a legal career and a specific practice area. So I always ask. Almost all the newbies – the clerks and students – answer the same way. “Whatever will get me a job. “

As a pragmatist, that’s a solid answer. They went to law school to work as a lawyer. They don’t want to go through years of expensive education only to be unemployed. They’ll be happier getting paid, right?

But what about the long-term? I’ve seen a lot of people choose a field because it was “hot” – hiring, popular, trendy, – or because they already had a prospective job. And they hated it. At that point, the choices…

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