My Inaugural Post

Move outside your comfort zonePlease forgive me for just a minute while I sit in stunned disbelief.  I have a website, and a blog, and a Facebook page . . .. Two years ago, I never imagined this.  For that matter, I didn’t imagine it six months ago.

I’ve told you a little about me and about what I write, but I’ve not really said anything yet about why I write.  And I think the easiest way to explain it is that I can’t not write.

It wasn’t always that way. I spent years not writing fiction. I wrote plenty of non-fiction, work related documents — but I would shy away from anything that was purely creative writing. Instead I spent my time making people laugh, relating stories from my family, telling people about things I’d read. I have a degree in Technical Writing, and I even taught composition — but I wasn’t a writer. Not me. I was a paralegal, not a writer. I was a teacher, not a writer.

I could stop my pen, but I couldn’t stop my imagination. I would see a pile of clothes in the middle of the road and wonder how they could have gotten there. I’d see a story on the news and wonder about the human story behind it. A few years ago, I had a story come into my head. This time, rather than ignoring it, I opened my laptop. That did it. I was hooked.

In all honesty, I didn’t set out to write a romance novel. The story became one almost on its own.  Then another romance came right behind that one, and then another one, and then . . ..   Suddenly I’m a wanna-be romance writer.

What do you do once you have a story? You either hide it or you share it. I was just enough of an extrovert to share (I mean, hello I have a blog). Plus when something starts to consume your unused brain cells, you can’t help but talk about it — endlessly. So I handed my 235 page baby to my friends — and they liked it.

In a nutshell, that is how we got here.  I took a deep breath and jumped in, and I had a lot of people cheer me on. None of us had any idea what we’d gotten into. But I wouldn’t change a thing.

I’m learning as I go.  I’ll share as much as I can. It’s fun. It’s also exhausting. I’ll try to post something every few weeks so you can see how things are going and what exactly I’m learning. Feel free to ask questions. Otherwise it’s a lecture, and those are dull (even mine).

Thanks for staying!

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I am a writer.

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